What is Fencing?

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Fencing schools date back to the 12th century but are not as prominent today. Fencing is a great way to exercise both your body and mind. You must move with your opponent switching constantly from offensive and defensive techniques. Additionally, you must predict your opponents reactions and coax them to move in your favor. Many call fencing physical chess.

The goal of Hyde Park Fencing is to educate and train beginner to advanced fencers in the art of fencing. Whether you are looking to find a fun way to stay in shape, a summer adventure for your kids, or have always desired to try fencing, Hyde Park Fencing will customize a training plan for your specific needs.


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Elle Hill


Elle has seven years of experience in fencing. She is the winner of two fencing championships and 20 finalist medals. She has also qualified and fenced at the National Fencing Tournament. She has worked as a fencing instructor for Summer Institute of the Gifted and has worked as a coach for four years. Elle enjoys coaching her students and fencing in her free time.


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